The Creation

Floraison Apothecary was born out of the creative desire to provide an uncompromisingly natural option created only with the purest of ingredients. 
No fillers. No synthetics. No preservatives. 
Only nurturing, only nature. Only Love. 

This creative desire is to pave the elusive yet undeniable line of connection between the naturally occurring and those produced by man’s capacity to create, threading coexistence, together in this day and age of possibilities. We are here for one purpose and one purpose only; your choice. We are here to provide an option for those seeking to rediscover a new way of relating with nature once more. We continue to work as best as we know how in order to be in being with what we value most. And this is our offering to you, while we continue to learn every step of the way alongside one another.

All our offerings are free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde & other carcinogens. With the healing power of ancient Greece and Egypt, our prized “Ovum” supports cell regeneration and is an immediate acting anti inflammatory. With our dark violet preserving glass that naturally lets only selective spectrums of light through, preserving our delicately natural contents, naturally. All this so you can pride yourself of your largest absorbing organ of the body; your beautiful skin, your connection with the world. 

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been governed by the FDA


A Love story..

We met a secret friend and fell entirely in love, in times as modern as now.

Our love partner “Ovum” however, was long revered to be the miraculous golden healing liquid in ancient Egypt and Greece alike.

The two of us quickly adapted to each other and a strong bond of friendship is born. Parented from egg yolk lipids, the “Ovum” tells the story of its purification as it was done by the ancient alchemists. It speaks proudly of its past roles as medicinal menstruum, as a health supplement, as well as a skin healer due to its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. The “Ovum” was even believed to have vibrational qualities that govern one’s overall conditions and health.

Its relevance today, has been researched by doctors though limited to its topical value, and it proves to be a fast acting highly anti inflammatory agent. This leads to the formation of our mission together, to re-birth these healing properties back into the public, as the healing duo.

Upon trials,
Application of the ‘”Ovum” on eczema flaring leads to; itchiness subsiding almost immediately, inflammation subsiding overnight, whilst the complete disappearance of the eczema patches highly depends on the individual body’s own rhythm of healing.
Application of the “Ovum” on cuts and wounds lead to expedited healing time
Application of the “Ovum” on mosquito and or other insect bites lead to expedited healing time and the subsiding of itchiness almost immediately
Application of the “Ovum” on wrinkles and tired skin overnight lead to significant smoothening of texture and appearance.
Application of the “Ovum” on inflamed acne overnight lead to calming down the spots, over a period of 5-7 days it leads to drying and surfacing of the oil seeds to be scrubbed away.

We have kept the tradition of the purification process as was done back in the days of the alchemists, and in so doing have come up with a stable product devoid of any preserving agents in any form. The “Ovum” is also devoid of any egg proteins and thus generally hypoallergenic.

These statements have not been governed by the FDA, and as with any other new product, please test on a small patch of skin for possible allergic reactions, and if adverse reactions occur, please discontinue usage immediately.


Wishing upon a violet glass

In our journey in creating an ideal world, the invariable variable for shelf life poses natural limitations.
Ne’er a wish too grand and those who wish with grandeur are so granted they say. True it was and true it stays, a visit through the violet glass is all it takes.
Through the violet glass is the secret to the ancients’ ways of storing medicines; without the technology of temperature nor light control.

These violet glasses allow only the permeability of certain UV-A and Infrared wavelengths leading to the blocking of other frequencies of light required for molecular decay to occur, resulting in naturally prolonged lifespan of the stored contents without additional preservation.  
Not only does it extend the shelf life of products compared to any other packaging, the allowance of beneficial rays also charges its contents to positively affect our living cells according to principles of Biophotonics.

In today’s world where sustainability is an issue, the violet glass also provides durability and recyclability.


The Future with you

One morning dawny day…
A sole, one soul, went out for a stroll.
One ponders and wonders, stumbles and tumbles,
Upon a which a wish is made,
Whenceforth you came,
Hello there, friend…
A pondering wanderer stumbling hither,
We Love, we thank, rejoicing so
This morning dawny day today,
Two soles of two souls,
Connect through a stroll.